Female Breast cancer carcinoma of the breast


breast cancer which typically originated in the lining of the milk duct can spread to other organ and is the most aggressive cancer.Breast cancer

  • breast cancer affected the global female population .the condition present more among female population is developed nations due to their extended life spans.
  • initially women affect with brest cancer may develop breast lumps.
  • most breast lumps are non threatening, but it is important for women. to have each one . checked by a care providers.
Breast cancer
  • Hormonal, lifestyle, environment,
  • Risk factor
  • Being female
  • increase age.
  • radiation exposure, obesity, beginning your period young age,
  • Begining menopause older age.
  • having first child older age.
  • post menopause hormones therapy,
  • drinking alcohol.
  • Prevention

ask your doctor about cancer screening,

exercise , most days of the week maintain, a health weight.

choose a healthy diet.


  • chemotherapy.
  • prevention surgery.


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