Male reproductive Disease male sexual Disease

Disease of the male reproductive system the male reproductive system is specially designed to maintain and transport genetic material.

  • it is also an integral system to enhance quality of life
  • when men are experience a problem with . this function they ofthen are too embarrassed to talk. about it with a doctor
  • Male reproductive issues include ;
  • prostate cancer testicular cancer.
  • inlargment of prostate BPH.
  • prostate erectile dysfunction.
  • male infertile.
  • Testo sterone , deficiency.
  • under undescended testicles,
  • varicocele , dilated veins . around testicles.
  • hydrocele or fluid, around testicles.
  • Treatment
  • for male . reproductive disorder prostate cancer.cryotherapy,
  • brachytherapy, radical prostectomy,
  • advanced cancer treatment, hormones therapy.


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