Females infertility causes

  • Incorrect food habits, incorrect lifestyle and increasing stress are leading to increased levels of infertility in men. So, we’re telling you about signals you might be able to see if you’re a victim of infertility.
  • You’ve tried for 1-2 months but you’re not pregnant doesn’t mean you’re a victim of infertility or you can’t be a mother. Doctors and gynecologists say that if you’re not pregnant after about a year of unprotected sex, this condition can be kept in the capacity of infertility and then it is reasonable to be embarrassed.
  • Learning by signs
  • In our country, when it comes to infertility, most of The Times, it is believed that it is in the women who are not able to give birth to the child. But this thinking and mentality is totally wrong. Running life, bad food habits, bad lifestyle and rising stress are making matters of increasing efficiency in men too. If it is diagnosed with infertility in time, proper treatment can help increase the chances of pregnancy. We’re telling you about the signs and symptoms that you might be able to tell if you’re suffering from an inadequate infirmity…
  • Infertility symptoms in women
  1. Irregular periods
    The period cycle varies from person to person, but usually on an average the period of one female cycle is 28 days. But if your bike is different every month, sometimes 35 days old, 25 days or some other month never visited… This is the name of irregular periods. This is usually caused by hormone problems such as pcod or other illnesses that are thought to be responsible for increasing infertility.
  2. pain during sex
  3. If a woman suffers a lot during sex, it can be a sign of a health problem that might affect her fertility. For example, if a female is prone to fibroids, a vaginal infection, or endometriosis, she will have more pain during sex and increased risk of infertility.
  4. Heavy periods in which pain is more
  5. It’s normal to have a little pain and cramping during periods, but if you’re experiencing a significant amount of pain, cramping, or even a lot of bleeding from the normal, may be a sign of endometriosis, which affects the fertility of women.
  6. The color of the menstrual blood is very dark or light.
  7. It may also be a matter of concern for you if your blood color appears darker or lighter during the menstrual period than the normal days. If, along with this problem, you may experience other body symptoms, contact your doctor and examine your fertility.
  8. A change in hormones
  9. If your body experiences a loss of hormone balance, you won’t know it until you test it. There are a few things and signs that you can see if the body has a healthy hormonal balance. For example, if you suddenly gain weight, have a lot of pimples or acne problems, your hands and feet become cold, lose sex drive, grow unwanted hair on your face, and become extremely thin, it’s a sign of changes in hormones that can be linked to infertility.


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