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Rectal Bleeding:
Rectal Bleeding:


Introduction:aloe socotrina is an excellent remedy like nuxvomica in re establishing physio logical equilibrium after much drugging where Disease and drugs symptoms are mixed to form a common pool.aloe socotrina for this wonderful Medicine materia Medica.

Aloehttps://www.illnesscares.com/2020/12/28/alumina-medicine-dryness-skin-leucorrhea-30ch200ch/ socotrina.

Clinical symptoms aloes:

abdominal disorder, anal affection, colic , constipation, piles, diarrhoea, dysentery, haemorrhoid, skin affection.

Spheres of action;it act especially upon the nervous systems, portal system , blood and akin it has got special action upon the liver and intestine.

Pathogenesis:when acting on Mucous membrane of gastrointestinal Tract, in produces diarrhoea , dysentery, and Haemorrhage from the haemorrhoidal vessels.

Constitutional: physical Make up : especially suited to old people , women of relaxed phlegmatic habit indolent weary person leading sedentary life averse to either physical and mental labour.

Temperament:Bilious Temperament.

Relation : hot patient

Miasm: psora is in the background.

Guiding symptoms;

1) profuse jelly like of mucus from all Mucous membrane, especially of intestine and throat.

2) insecurity of rectum with want of confidence and power cold water cold weather

3) aloe socotrina patient is hot and aggravation from warm and amelioration from cold water and cold weather.

4) itch appears each year as winter appoaches.

5) dissatisfied and angry about himself or his complaints, especially when constipated.

6) Haemorrhoid like a bunch of grapes , bule which bleeds and is sore tender and hot with itching relieved by cold application.

7) diarrhoea followed by obstinate constipation.

8) solid stool pass out involuntarily.

Aloe socotrina Headache:

due to insufficient stool and from sedentary life .

Location; headache across forehead.

Character: congestive type of headache , sensation of heat on the surface with feeling of congestion and fulness aching pain above the forehead , with heaviness in the eyes must close them.

Gastrointestinal aloe socotrina:

Diarrhoea:time : early morning, the patient has to hurry to the closet driving out bed

Before stool: the abdomen distended with gas causing felling of fulness and tightness.the rumbling and gurgling sounds.

During stool: cutting and griping pain

after stool : all patient case after stool leaving profuse sweating and profound weakness.

Modalities: aggravation after eating and drinking.

Concomitant: diarrhoea alternative with headache.

Piles: Haemorrhoids,

✓ sedentary life and Portal congestion.

✓Bleeding piles.

✓like a bunch of grapes bluish in colour.

✓constant bearing down pain in the rectum with intestine itching burning in anus , preventing sleep very much tender and hot and sore with loose stool.

Dose :aloe socotrina:30 CH potency 2 drops po BD.


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