How to fast Weight loss : used Homoeopathic Medicine phytoline Q and:Phytolacca Berry: Tablet

Homoeopathic Medicine phytoline Q :Phytolacca Berry: Tablet
Homoeopathic Medicine phytoline Q :Phytolacca Berry: Tablet

Introduction; it is a fast reducer it is reduced fat makes the muscles thiner , more firm and stronger.The patient looks considerably younger.Best Homoeopathic Medicine fast weight lose phytoline and Phytolacca Berry Tablet.used.

difficult in walking , sitting and palpitations and dyspnoea on least exertion , nausea and eructation , disappears slowly and steadily.

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  • A ching , soreness, restlessness , prostration, are general symptoms guiding to Phytolacca.pre eminent a glandular remedy .
  • Glandular sweeling with heat and inflammation .has a powerful effect on fibrous and tissue.
  • Mind; loss of personal delicacy indifferent of life.
  • Abdomen:sore spot in right hypochondriac . Rheumatism of abdominal muscle colic at navel . burning griping pain ,bruised feeling in epigastric and abdomen.constipation and weak heart bleeding from rectum.
  • female : mastitis. hard and vary sensitive, tumors of the breast with enlargement of axillary gland cancer of breast .breast is hard and painful
  • Male: painful induration of testicles shooting along perineum of penis

Benefits: Phytolacca Berry

  1. It is very effective in the treatment of excess weight and improper metabolism of fats
  2. Extremely helpful for those looking to lose weight in the right manner
  3. It reduces appetite by proper absorption of food consumed and improves digestion to provide maximum energy
  4. Eliminates the feelings of weakness and fatigue caused due to lowered food intake
  5. It is very effective in weight loss post delivery
  6. Helps in losing up to 5 kgs in a short span of 1-2 months assisted by proper diet and regular exercise.
  7. Directions For Use:
  8. Take 10-15 drops of Phytolacca Berry Mother Tincture in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician
  9. Phytolacca berry teblet use 2 teblet before eating3 time day directed by the physician
  10. Phytolacca Berry is all over body part organ effect male oragn and female organ effect.
  11. Homoeopathic materia medica is one of the best medicine of pain remedy and weight lose Medicine.
  12. More article rid Link.

Best homoeo Medicine for weight loss ?


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