AVIAN INFLUENZA Types and vaccine 2021 full information

avian influenza 2021
avian influenza 2021

Influenza is an acute respiratory Tract infection caused by influenza virus of which there are 4 types A,B,C,D epidemic are caused by influenza A,and B strains.The Disease is characterized by sudden onset of Chills, malaise,fever, muscular pains and cough.

problem statement:

influenza is international Disease.all countries millions people are affected.3- to 5 million case death at present three types of influenza virus are circulating in the world: A(H1N1),A(H3N2),and B viruses Who global surveillance activities have identified human infection with a new influenza virus called A(H5N1) in hong kong in mid 1997 .

Epidemiology Agent factor:

a) Agent : influenza virus are classification with the family

1) Reservoir of infection;

2) source of infection.

3) period of infection:

b) Host factor!

age and sex; influenza affected all ages and both and sexes.in general the attack rate is lower among adult.

improtnent link transmission chain in children.anti body appears about 7 days after the attack and reach a maximum level in about 2 week after 8 to 12 month the antibody level drops to pre infection levels.

Environmental factor:a) season. The attack rate hight close population group school institution ships.

Mode of transportation: influenza is spread mainly from person to person by droplet infection droplets nuclei created by sneezing coughing or talking The portal of entry of the virus is the respiratory Tract.

Mode of Transmission:

Influenza is spread mainly from person to person by droplet infection or droplets nuclei created by sneezing , coughing or talking The portal of entry of the virus is the respiratory Tract.

incubation period:18 to 72 hour’s.

pathogenesis and Clinical feature;

The virus enters the respiratory Tract and causes inflammation and necrosis of superficial epithelial of the tracheal and Bronchial mucosa.

There is no viraemia both the Virus causes much the same symptoms: fever, chills,aches and pain Cough and generalized weakness, fever last from 1-5 day averaging 3 days in adults.

Acute sinusitis ,otitis media prulent bronchitis.penumonia.

Laboratory diagnosis;

Since Clinical 1) nasopharyngeal secretion best specimen for obtaining large amount virus infection.2) serological test,3)ELISA test.

Prevention of influenza;

all attempted to control influenza epidemic have so far met with little succes and prospects of achieve control remain poor good ventilator of public building the avoided Crowded place during epidemic , coughing sneezing and to stay at home at the first sign of influenza and hand washing are all sensible.

Influenza vaccination ;

a) killed vaccine ;

Contraindicated :1) people who have a Severe allergies to chicken eggs.

2) people with a history of anaphylactic reaction,other life treating allergies reaction..

3) people with history of severe reaction to influenza vaccination.

4) people who development Guillain barre syndrome.

5) Children less than 6 month of age .

6) people who have a moderate to severe illness fever .

Antiviral drugs:

because of limitations in the efficient of influenza vaccine antiviral drugs have been tried for the prophylaxis and therapy of seasonal influenza infection.

Tab, zanamivir and tab, oseltamivir, avible prophylaxis influenza A and influenza B


avian influenza refers, to a large group of different influenza viruses.that primarily affected birds.

on rare occasion these bird viruses can infection species, include pigs human.

The vast majority of avian H5N1 is a starin with pandemic potential once a fully contagious virus emerges its global spread is considered invitable.


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