Hydrocele: cure without operation Used Homoeopathic Medicine.




When the testicles gland is inflated (enlarged) due to accumulation of water in it, it is called ‘Hydrocele’. Normally, it becomes enlarge comparison to the other days. When additional water is gotten-together in the testicle, it is inflated like a balloon. In such condition, sometimes water has to bring out by surgery (operation).  

There are several reasons of this disease like- getting hurt on the testicle, pain in it, swelling of its nerves, bad health or swelling, etc. In some cases, it can be hereditary too. Sometimes, pain does not take place in the condition of hydrocele, but it keeps on enlarging.

Use of drugs in the case of hereditary hydrocele:-

  1. Abroten
    3 to 30 potency of this drug is used to cure infantile hydrocele.
  2. Bryonea:-
    If the child has been suffering from hydrocele since his childhood, Bryonea 3 should be taken at an interval of every 4-4 hours.
    If hydrocele is due to injury, Arnica 3 can be used.

Use of different drugs in the case of hydrocele occurring due to other reasons:-

  1. Arnica
    If the testicle has enlarged due to injury, taking Arnica 12 at an interval of every 4-4 hours is beneficial.
  2. Bryonea
    In the case of hydrocele, if the patient feels shooting pain or pain like pricking sensation at the time of sitting posture, taking Bryonea is very useful.
  3. Graphitis:-
    In the condition of the inflammation of the testicle, Graphitis can be used. 30 potency of this drug should be used to cure this disease.
    Dryness of the testicle membrane, inflammation of the reproductive organs, burning sensation in the left testicle, appearing eruptions on the membrane of the testicle, at the same time nightfall (occasionally), etc. symptoms are found in the patient then taking Graphitis 6 or 30 is an appropriate.
  4. Rododendrun
    This drug is used in acute hydrocele especially in the inflammation of the right testicle. If pain also takes place in acute hydrocele, Rododendrun 3x or 6 should be taken. If it is failed, Rhus-tox should be taken.
  5. Silesia–  
    With the inflammation of the testicles, if sweat comes on the reproductive organs, itching takes place, sweating on the forehead, the patient’s body is lean and thing and he is cold natured, etc., Silesia 30 should be taken.
    If the testicles get enlarged on full moon (poornima) or no moon (amavasya), Silesia 6 should be used.
  6. Spongia tosta
    If the testicles have become enlarge and have turned into red appearance after swelling and the patient feels as if it will fall down, Spungia 2x or 3 should be used.
  7. Rhus-tox
    If pain takes place in the testicles in rainy or winter season, Rhus-tox 30 can be used.
  8. Hamamelis
    If the veins of spermatic cords start to swell with the swelling of the testicle, Hamamelis 1x should be taken.
  9. Rododendrun
    If hydrocele is acute, the right testicle is obsessed (sick) with pain that aggravates before raining or dark, taking Rododendrun 3x or 6 is very useful.
  10. Pulsatilla– 
    This drug is used in the disease related to the testicles especially if the left testicle is obsessed. If the testicles are growing (becoming enlarged) slowly without feeling pain, taking Pulsatilla 30 provides relief from pain and removes its swelling.

In addition to the use of above said drugs, other drugs are also used- Rhus-tox 6, Apis 6, Sulphur 30 or Iod 6, etc.

This Homoeopathic Medicine used before advise Homoeopathic doctor


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