Breast Abscess : Symptom and best Homoeopathic Medicine Treatment.

Abscess Of Breast

A breast abscess is a painful, pus-filled lump under the skin of the breast.

Breast abscesses can be a complicated of which is an infection of the breast.

These lumps are more common among females who are lactating. According to a 2020 summary of scientific literature, lactational mastitis occurs in of lactating females, 5–11% of whom may develop one or more abscesses.

The ulcer, which occurs in the breast, is called abscess of the breast.


If a person has developed a breast abscess, they may feel or notice a mass in the breast tissue along with symptoms of an infection of the breast. These symptoms may include.

  • low milk production
  • warmth in the area
  • pain in the breast
  • discharge from the nipple
  • flushed skin
  • a high temperature

When tumor as stone in the breast turns into mature, it is a symptom of abscess of the breast.

Use of different drugs in the case of abscess of the breasts:-

1. Bryonea- In the initial stage of breasts abscess, if she feels fast pain in them, they become too tough, stretches in the breasts, etc., taking Bryonea 30 prevents abscess to come out more.
2. Phytolacca- If Bryonea makes no
impression in breasts abscess within 24 hours, Phytolacca 3 can be given.
3. Belladonna– If pain becomes too fast in breasts abscess, but toughness does not find in them and red circles are appeared in the central circular ring of the breasts, etc., taking Belladonna is beneficial.
4. Hepar-sulph- If pus has formed in the abscess, Hepar-sulph can be given.
5. Calendula-lotion– In the case of forming pus in abscess, hot fomentation with Calendula lotion is also very effective. To prepare this lotion, approx 15 drops of the mother tincture of Calendula are added in 18 ml of water.
6. Silesia- If wounds are appeared due to abscess in the breasts, Silesia 30 can be given after Hepar-sulph.

Note: Homoeopathic Medicine used before advise Homoeopathic doctor


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