Women’s health: Most women do not know these things about PCOS, if it is to be correct,

What is pcos

Women who have PCOS complaints must be aware of their types. This will make it easier to cure the problem.

It is common for women to have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). But women who suffer from this hormonal disorder are still unaware of many things related to it. According to doctors, PCOS is not one but several types.

But most women do not know anything about this. They do not know what kind of PCOS they are. In the future, if the condition is not serious, it is necessary to try to know the types, symptoms and treatments of PCOS.

According to doctors, the symptoms of different types of PCOS are also different. If these symptoms are not recognized in time, the right treatment may be delayed. By the way, the first sign for all women is irregular periods. If you know that you are not ovulating and periods are not coming on time, then you should find out what type of PCOS you are struggling with. To help you here, we will show you the types of PCOS

We will explain the causes and symptoms of these. This will help you know what kind of PCOS you are suffering from.

Insulin-resistant PCOS – This is the most common type of PCOS. In this, ovulation stops when the insulin level is high, causing periods to become irregular. Symptoms include weight gain, mood swings, pimples and periods. Let me tell you that women of PCOS with these symptoms are considered borderline diabetic.

This is the type of PCOS in which women do not experience weight gain. It occurs when swelling occurs. In such a situation ovulation stops and periods also become irregular. Many times sugar, soy, dairy products cause suppressed ovulation and irregular periods. That is, lack of ovulation can cause symptoms.

This type of PCOS is common in women who develop due to birth control pills. This suppresses ovulation. This condition does not last long with most women. After the effect of the pill ends, they start ovulation again. But some women are unable to ovulate for months and years.

Although there is no specific treatment for PCOS, treatment is for factors that indicate symptoms of PCOS. Diabetes medicines- The medicines given in diabetes will help in managing it. This is because the possibility of PCOS may increase as the sugar level in the body increases.

Natural Remedies for PCOS

[Vitex is not a good choice for women with PCOS. While Vitex is good for women with inflammation-based PCOS, ie inflammation-based PCOS, if they suffer from a different type of PCOS, in such a situation, Vtex can make the symptoms worse. Follow the 3 stage strategy for PCOS type-
Balance insulin by stabilizing blood sugar.
Balance the cottisole by managing stress
[If you have insulin resistant PCOS, attention should be paid to the stability of your blood sugar. For this, increase the intake of cinnamon in your diet.
have a good
Keep distance from sugar.
Take magnesium supplements.
Walk brisk daily after meals to prevent insulin spike.

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