Use these Homoeopathic medicines for normal delivery or Norma labor

Many of these things during pregnancy

The biggest concern during pregnancy is how you will have your normal or cesarean delivery. Many of these things keep going on in the mind of the pregnant mother. Nowadays people are plagued by many questions regarding the operation.

Many women under stress face difficulty in conceiving. In such a situation, in most cases, the delivery of the child is being done by caesarean instead of normal and there are many reasons for this.

If you want that you have to take a healthy diet for the whole nine months for your normal delivery, include foods rich in proteins and vitamins in its diet and stay away from junk food and oily things. So let’s know how you can prepare yourself for normal delivery.

Definition of labor
Labor is a physiologic process during which the products of conception (ie, the fetus, membranes, umbilical cord, and placenta) are expelled outside of the uterus. Labor is achieved with changes in the biochemical connective tissue and with gradual effacement and dilatation of the uterine cervix as a result of rhythmic uterine contractions of sufficient frequency, intensity, and duration.

Stages of Labor and Epidemiology
Stages of Labor
Obstetricians have divided labor into 3 stages that delineate milestones in a continuous process.

1)First stage of labor
The first stage begins with regular uterine contractions and ends with complete cervical dilatation at 10 cm. In Friedman’s landmark studies of 500 nulliparas , he subdivided the first stage into an early latent phase and an ensuing active phase. The latent phase begins with mild, irregular uterine contractions that soften and shorten the cervix. The contractions become progressively more rhythmic and stronger. This is followed by the active phase of labor, which usually begins at about 3-4 cm of cervical dilation and is characterized by rapid cervical dilation and descent of the presenting fetal part. The first stage of labor ends with complete cervical dilation at 10 cm. According to Friedman, the active phase is further divided into an acceleration phase, a phase of maximum slope, and a deceleration phase.

2)Second stage of labor
The second stage begins with complete cervical dilatation and ends with the delivery of the fetus. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has suggested that a prolonged second stage of labor should be considered when the second stage of labor exceeds 3 hours if regional anesthesia is administered or 2 hours in the absence of regional anesthesia for nulliparas. In multiparous women, such a diagnosis can be made if the second stage of labor exceeds 2 hours with regional anesthesia or 1 hour without it.

3)Third stage of labor
The third stage of labor is defined by the time period between the delivery of the fetus and the delivery of the placenta and fetal membranes. During this period, uterine contraction decreases basal blood flow, which results in thickening and reduction in the surface area of the myometrium underlying the placenta with subsequent detachment of the placenta. [17] Although delivery of the placenta often requires less than 10 minutes, the duration of the third stage of labor may last as long as 30 minutes.

Expectant management of the third stage of labor involves spontaneous delivery of the placenta. Active management often involves prophylactic administration of oxytocin or other uterotonics (prostaglandins or ergot alkaloids), cord clamping/cutting, and controlled cord traction of the umbilical cord. Andersson et al found that delayed cord clamping (≥180 seconds after delivery) improved iron status and reduced prevalence of iron deficiency at age 4 months and also reduced prevalence of neonatal anemia.


1caulophyllum  30 CH POTENCY

Labour pain: delayed labour due to spasmodic rigid os.

character of pain: needle like pricking pain in cervix false labour pain ,short irregular spasmodic pain erratic pains changing places every few minutes.

During labour : after long exhausting labour there is spasmodic pain across lower abdomen .

after pains: Haemorrhage after hasty labour passive type of Haemorrhage blood ooxes out with want of tonicity .

there is passive type of lochia which is protracted oozing out for days from is passive type of lochia which is protracted days relaxed vessels.

when the above mentioned symptoms are present if caulophyllum is given it will correct deranged vitality and produce efficient pain.

This Medicine used during last 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy if a dose of 30CH potency is given daily 2 drops 3 times day it will make Normal delivery or normal labor easy..

NOTE: please consult your nearest Homoeopathic or us before consumption of any medicine

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