Know how to cure gangrene homoeopathic medicine in 20 days

What is gangrene?

When the tissue present in any part of your body starts dying, that condition is called gangrene. This often happens when your body’s tissues don’t get enough blood.

This condition develops only in certain parts of the body, such as legs, arms or internal organs etc. Early detection and treatment of the condition can improve its outcome.

Gangrene is a condition in which the body’s tissues begin to be destroyed. It mainly occurs due to inability of blood to any part of the body due to injury, infection or any other problem. Gangrene can also develop on the upper part of the skin or under the skin, and in addition to the muscles and internal organs of the body. Symptoms include blue or black skin, pain, numbness and foul-smelling discharge from the skin.


Three types of gangrene

1)Dry Gangrene (Dry Gangrene):
Dry gangrene develops on the outside of the body. It is caused due to insufficient amount of blood reaching the organ. Dry gangrene usually develops on the feet and fingers of older people, due to arteriosclerosis disease. It grows slowly and stops on the tissues which are getting sufficient amount of blood. The skin affected by dry gangrene dries up and shrinks and becomes dark red-black in color.

2)Wet gangrene (wet gangrene):
It occurs in moist tissues, such as the mouth, lungs, intestines, cervix, and vulva. Bed sores that occur on the hips and ankles are also a type of wet gangrene. Wet gangrene is generally thought to be a condition related to certain bacteria. The disease is more difficult to diagnose than dry gangrene due to septicemia. Due to dry gangrene, blood stagnates in the affected area, due to which bacteria start growing rapidly.

3)gas gangrene:
It is a type of bacterial infection, which produces gas in the tissues. This is the most severe type of gangrene. This infection spreads very rapidly, as the gas produced by the bacteria rapidly penetrates the surrounding healthy tissue. The condition is taken seriously and treated as a medical emergency due to its rapid spread to the surrounding tissues


Gangrene is usually diagnosed based on the symptoms of the condition. Often some other tests are also done, with the help of which the type of gangrene and how far it has spread, etc. X-rays and MRI tests usually need to be done during the test. There are a number of measures available that reduce the risk of developing gangrene.

cure gangrene homoeopathic medicine in 20 days.


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