Best homoeo Medicine for weight loss ?

Maintain weight improves your personality even more. But on the other hand, the increasing weight of people nowadays is spoiling their lifestyle.

People to lose their weight


And don’t know what to do. But very few people benefit from it. Some people even give up eating and drinking for this. But perhaps those people do not know that giving up food and drink does not reduce weight. Rather, weight is reduced only by eating well and healthy lifestyle.

It is seen that in order to reduce obesity, people also get other diseases.

By writing all this, I am not increasing your trouble, but if you also want to reduce weight, then I am just telling some basic things about it. Because maybe you are working hard day and night to reduce your weight, but due to some mistakes, your hard work is getting washed away.

If you want to reduce your weight, then for this you only have to improve your lifestyle and some eating habits, so that you can reduce your weight easily and naturally in no time.


Introduction; it is a fast reducer it is reduced fat makes the muscles thiner , more firm and stronger.The patient looks considerably younger.Best Homoeopathic Medicine fast weight lose phytoline and Phytolacca Berry Tablet.used.

difficult in walking , sitting and palpitations and dyspnoea on least exertion , nausea and eructation , disappears slowly and steadily.

A ching , soreness, restlessness , prostration, are general symptoms guiding to Phytolacca.pre eminent a glandular remedy .
Glandular sweeling with heat and inflammation .has a powerful effect on fibrous and tissue.
Mind; loss of personal delicacy indifferent of life.
Abdomen:sore spot in right hypochondriac . Rheumatism of abdominal muscle colic at navel . burning griping pain ,bruised feeling in epigastric and abdomen.constipation and weak heart bleeding from rectum.
female : mastitis. hard and vary sensitive, tumors of the breast with enlargement of axillary gland cancer of breast .breast is hard and painful
Male: painful induration of testicles shooting along perineum of penis.

It is very effective in the treatment of excess weight and improper metabolism of fats
Extremely helpful for those looking to lose weight in the right manner
It reduces appetite by proper absorption of food consumed and improves digestion to provide maximum energy
Eliminates the feelings of weakness and fatigue caused due to lowered food intake
It is very effective in weight loss post delivery
Helps in losing up to 5 kgs in a short span of 1-2 months assisted by proper diet and regular exercise.
Directions For Use:
Take 10-15 drops of Phytolacca Berry Mother Tincture in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician
Phytolacca berry teblet use 2 teblet before eating3 time day directed by the physician
Phytolacca Berry is all over body part organ effect male oragn and female organ effect.
Homoeopathic materia medica is one of the best medicine of pain remedy and weight lose Medicine.

Phytolacca Berry tablets commonly called poke root acts as a good remedy for obesity. This plant works on the fibrous, and lipomatous tissues of the body. Phytolacca is claimed to assist with weight loss and treat fungal infections, tonsillitis, fluid retention, painful menstruation, syphilis, mumps and rheumatoid arthritis.

Phytolacca berry has beneficial effects on digestion, helps remove waste material in tissues throughout the body and improves lymphatic and vascular function.

Composition: Each tablet contains: Phytolacca berry – 20% w/w, Excipients q.s to one tablet of 250 mg.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets 3 times daily over an extended period of time. One tablet daily as the maintenance dose or as prescribed by the physician.

Side effects: No side effects are known.


  1. Maintain half an hour gap between food/drinks/other medications and the prescribed homeopathic medicine.
  2. While on homeopathic medication, there shouldn’t be any strong smell like that of an onion, garlic, camphor, coffee, hing, in your mouth.
  3. Avoid use of alcohol and tobacco while on homeopathic medication.
  4. Put the homeopathy medicine in your mouth under the tongue and allow them to dissolve for maximum benefit.
  5. Store homeopathic remedies away from strong odors such as menthol, mint, camphor, essential oils, lip balm, deep heat liniments, cough lozenges, chewing gum, aromatic toothpaste, chemical fumes, perfumes etc.

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