Know what is this disease in which an injection of Rs 16 crore has to be given.


Friends, today we will talk about a very dangerous and serious disease which is a deadly disease.
The name of this terrible disease is spinal muscular atrophy.

Friends, this disease is mostly found in young children and this disease is rarely seen.
Any child who is infected with this disease, remains alive for 12 months to 24 months.

After that the child dies due to this disease.
So today we will know how muscular atrophy occurs and why its injection is so expensive.

Friends, spinal muscular atrophy, due to which the child is never able to walk due to dryness or loosening of the muscles, and sometimes even standing on the arm or hand.

So friends, from the brain to the spinal cord and from the anterior horn to the entire nerve, the path becomes dry or weak at any place in this entire path.

Due to which the neuron starts dying slowly. Because of that, the mass which reduces the muscle mass, it gradually stops. That disease is called motor neuron disease. There are many different types of that disease too.

But in children, only the anterior horn cell starts drying up, due to which the disease occurs in this child, we call it anterior horn cell disease ie spinal muscular atrophy.

Know what is the cause of this disease.

This disease is a genetic one, in which the anterior horn cell needs a protein to survive. It is named SMN 1 protein, due to which the deficiency starts, due to which this disease is born and after a long time this disease also takes life. can.

Know what symptoms are seen in children who have this disease.

In this disease, when the muscle becomes loose, then the neck gets bent forward and the child can never sit in it, he can never even walk, after that gradually it becomes difficult to breathe.

What can be the treatment for this disease?

Earlier there was no cure for this disease.
After that science slowly made an injection. The gentical that is getting worse can be fixed outside. So the name of that injection is zogensma. The price of which injection is Rs 16 crores.

The injection that is done has to be given in the spinal cord and this disease can be cured. Friends, there is a protein inside this injection, which pierces outside and cures a disease called spinal muscular atrophy.

What should be done to avoid this disease?

This disease is a genetic one, so this disease can be prevented. When it is necessary for a woman to treat her during pregnancy, then this disease can be prevented by taking the advice of a good doctor.

writer: Dr.soyab sherasiya


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