What are Spider Veins, in which the veins look like a spider.web, know the couses and treatment.


Spider veins is a disease in which the veins take the shape of a spider web, you can adopt some easy measures to avoid it.

Are there any spider web-like veins emerging in your body? If yes, then you need immediate treatment. This problem is known as spider veins. The veins in the victim’s body take the shape of a spider’s web. These can be clearly seen on the skin. The color of these spider veins is mostly purple, red or blue. They can be anywhere in the skin. Its treatment should not be delayed.

(What is Spider Veins)
Spider means spider and wens means veins. When spider veins occur, the veins in the legs or arms or other parts of the body become thin spider-like webs. This problem should not be ignored. You may have severe pain when you have a spider vein. The color of these spider veins is blue, red or purple.

Why do spider veins become a problem? (Causes of Spider Veins)
Spider veins can be a problem if there is damage to the valves present inside the veins. Spider veins can also occur due to genetic reasons. Being exposed to too much sunlight can also cause the problem of spider veins. Being overweight puts pressure on the veins and can lead to spider veins. Wearing tight clothes and not exercising affects the blood flow and can cause problems like spider veins.

If you have the problem of spider veins, then see the doctor as soon as possible. If the spider veins are smaller than 3 mm, then doctors can fix it with laser treatment. Spider veins are also treated with sclerotherapy. Spider veins begin to heal after 6 weeks of these treatments. Spider veins are treated with EVLT laser therapy. In this, the person is given anesthesia. Spider veins are cured only by giving treatment,

What to do to avoid spider veins? (Prevention tips to reduce risk of Spider Veins)
To avoid spider veins, you must use sunscreen before going in the sun.
Do not let the body weight increase too much, it will not put pressure on the veins and the blood flow will be good, which will not cause problems like spider veins.
Wear stockings or socks to avoid if there is a problem of spider veins or if any other member of your household has this problem.

Do not wear too tight clothes to avoid spider veins. Wearing tight clothes can increase the risk of spider veins because tight clothes affect blood flow.
If the blood flow is good, then there will be no problem like spider veins, for this you exercise daily.
Spider veins are not a skin problem but a disease that needs to be treated in time, so instead of ignoring it, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Writers: dr s.s


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