Bones will not be strong only with calcium, these 4 things are also important.

Calcium supplements can damage the kidneys and heart. Obviously calcium is essential for bones, but it is only a small part of bone strength. According to experts, apart from calcium, these 5 things are also necessary for bone density.

Most people do not pay attention to their bone health or bone density. At the same time, some people think that bones can be made strong only with calcium. Even so that the bones do not become weak, people also start taking calcium supplements. Health experts say that calcium supplements can damage the kidneys and heart. Obviously calcium is necessary for bones, but it is a small part in the strength of bones.

Vitamin D3 – Calcium is not absorbed in large amounts in the body. Therefore, there is no use of taking high doses of calcium. It would be good that you take vitamin D3 along with calcium. According to experts, if the level of vitamin D3 in your body is low, then you will not be able to absorb calcium. This vitamin is made in the body by sunlight.

Magnesium, zinc and vitamin K2 – You also need magnesium, zinc and vitamin K2 for strong bones. Vitamin K2 helps in building bone density. If you take a balanced diet then you can get all this.

Protein – At least 50 percent of the bone is made up of protein. So do not think at all that protein is only used to build muscles. Include 6 different colored fruits and vegetables in your plate. You cannot become healthy by keeping carbs away from your plate. Some people make bones completely weak in order to lose weight. Include green leafy vegetables, fish and dairy products for bone strength.

Vitamin C – Generally people think that vitamin C only increases immunity but it also improves bone cells. Try to increase vitamin C in your diet through oranges, lemonade, capsicum, strawberries and broccoli.


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