“Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture” by Taylor

Abstract Globalization is widely regarded as one of the main influences that have shaped the contemporary world. In addition to its direct impact on the political and economic realms it also has an impact observed in the social, cultural and artistic realms which includes music. But, the relationship between globalization and music is one of the less … Read more

Ethical Manufacturing and Technology Trends

Introduction The world of today is rapidly evolving and offers modern technology that has been used in many areas of daily life, which facilitates human work. It is particularly important to stress the significance of the latest trends in relation to child and forced work and slavery. The manufacturing that is ethical and aimed to eliminate discrimination … Read more

Uber-U Education Technology for Global Connections

Introduction The 21st century’s learning environment has been characterized by the increased usage of web-based platforms like Skype, Twitter, or even Google Hangouts among others that connect people from all over the world. While these learning environments are based on an Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) model, where tutors provide content to students who arethen being … Read more

Technology in Education: A Taoist Perspective

The purpose of education is to train students to tackle problems in their surroundings. The issues of education differ from conventional approaches to education and learning because students work on their projects from problems’ definitions rather than the concept of the project (Flowers 1998, p.20). According to the writer that the problem is a requirement or desire … Read more