Fifth Wave of Technology

Technology is one of the main elements that are influencing the development of business. In the field of computing five major waves are being identified. Four of them are the advent to computers during the 1960s. They also include along with the growth of smaller computers during the 70s, the development PCs in the early 1980s and … Read more

Wiley Handbook of Psychology and Technology. Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society

Book Information The Book’s Structure Psychology of Technology Psychology of Technology The Acute and Constant Impact of Technology on our Brains 2 Commonalities and Distinctions in Personal, Workplace and technology-related values, beliefs and attitudes across five Generations of Americans; 3 Internet Credibility and Digital Media Literacy Gender Digital Divide: Does exist? And what is the … Read more

Lean approach to Healthcare Information Technology

Introduction The management approach that is lean that include Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is designed to increase efficiency. This can improve the quality of healthcare. For instance in a thorough analysis of the literature on different methodologies for healthcare improvement D’Andreamatteo Ianni, Lega, and Sargiacomo (2015) show that lean practices are able to enhance the performance … Read more

Digital Technology – Becoming Modern World.

Digital technology has rapidly become popular in the last years. Digital techniques to carry out major social functions has also been increasing on public utility websites like the social network sites on the world of internet. There are a lot of internet users who have posted content that they find interesting, such as videos, images, animations as … Read more