Professor-Student Communication using Technology

Introduction In the beginning to begin, it is important to note that technological advancements have become a vital aspect of modern living. Innovations have impacted all realms of life (education isn’t an instance) and made life simpler. Nobody dares claim that the advancement of technology has made our lives more difficult. There are occasions that innovations cause harm … Read more

Journalism Future After Technology Change

Introduction Journalism is a field that traces its roots to the beginning of the 16 century century, when early people of the Fourth Estate in Europe began publishing news stories that were distributed to the general public. Particularly, as per Anderson Journalism is a job that focuses on the production of news articles for broadcasting through different media … Read more

The Problem of Effective Communication and Communication Technology

Introduction Communication is a crucial component of the operation of an company. The transfer of information from one place to the next within a company is accomplished through various channels. In these processes, you will encounter various obstacles that can hinder the process of communicating. Unproductive communication can result in the loss of a business in that not … Read more