Digital Technology – Becoming Modern World.

Digital technology has rapidly become popular in the last years. Digital techniques to carry out major social functions has also been increasing on public utility websites like the social network sites on the world of internet. There are a lot of internet users who have posted content that they find interesting, such as videos, images, animations as well as other remarks that usually aim to provide information to the audience they are targeting. It is crucial to remember that these posts are shared on the web by others (Arnold and Senter 345).).

Like many other internet users, I’ve posted some of my personal data online in an effort to participate in the fast-growing digital technology. In addition to the information that creates a digital footprint, I’ve also uploaded a variety of images relevant to my personal life and professional life. Photos posted include those which range between private and public. My personal photos of experiences from important life events like accomplishments as well as mistakes (Arnold and Senter 344). Videos of major accomplishments in my life like graduation ceremonies, the regional awards ceremony for colleges are some of my top recent blog posts (Zucker, 111,).

In addition to the pictures and videos that I’ve posted online, I’ve been active in social media networks where users can join in discussions on subjects that are of interest to them. These sites online are Google+, Facebook as and Twitter. People usually make comments on subjects of interest, which could be questions. Like other users on these websites I’ve been involved in discussions that have been initiated on topics of interest (Stefik 404, Stefik). This is because these discussions typically provide a chance to discuss ideas and ideas in addition to the restful moments that are offered when using the site.

Through the whole process of creating and finishing the content in the world wide web, the availability of some degree of privacy and security has been proven to be an essential tool for various attempts to ensure internet safety more secure (Arnold and Senter 347). A lack of security as well as inadequate privacy are two of the biggest issues that prevent free and secure access to internet-based sites. As one of the largest web users I am awed by higher levels of safety and security. This will help in reducing the most serious cases of fraud in which other users gain unauthorised and illegal access to private data (Arnold and Senter 346). Information that is accessed without the prior authorization from the owner have led to security concerns like the threat to lives of people and blackmail as well as the disclosure of private or confidential information that is released to the general public (Arnold and Senter 346). Internet sources administrators are required to fulfill the obligation to provide adequate security to passwords and secret codes to prevent fraud instances (Zucker,103).

Karen Owen’s dilemma evokes a lot of emotional response to moral sense that I have. Utilizing reason as a motor to her existence Karen Owen’s dilemma, it is one that is motivated by self-interest and is not something to be longed to be a reason for (Stefik, 444). A larger range of thoughts could be drawn from the whole issue. It’s quite ironic that the main factor in the empowerment of modern technology could turn out to be a stumbling block. Karen as per my research and understanding of her issue was never a person with an interest in explaining the role of modern women with regard to sexuality. Karen seems to be lost over the perceptions of others about her condition since the vital issue has been made public to the world of digital media.

A friend of mine posted on Karen’s dilemma , and made the same sentiments as Karen’s circumstances. But, no matter how much you like and agree with Karen’s dilemma, it’s important to note that human beings are rational and are required to maintain their morality within the guidelines of society. This is the thing that draws the line between humans and animals. To sum up it is evident that the use of technology in digital form can be crucial to ensure better communication of information to the public. But, self- and public respect are essential for ensuring the safety and security of this fascinating technology around the world.

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