Emerging Technology in Hospitality Business


This report focuses on present strategies for management of information systems and how these strategies are employed in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. A proper control of systems for information is among the main factors that influence the efficient performance of hospitality firms. They try to satisfy the needs of their customers, which include flexibility, mobility as well as safety, comfort and entertainment.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel effectively caters to the guests’ requirements and requirements. The hotel has the software to manage the successful collection of individual information, booking preferences, preferences and feedback. The hotel can also benefit by the development and implementation of strategies that are linked the use of mobile devices. The report provides an review of the most efficient strategies and also offers some suggestions to close the issues.


Traveling has become an integral aspect of our lives since millions of people travel across new locations to experience the world, discover different experiences or to conduct business. Dubai is among the most visited tourism destinations of the Middle East, and the hospitality sector is among the main priorities of the government. The luxury hotels are regarded as landmarks in the city, as Dubai is awe-inspiring for visitors to stunning spots such as Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm.

It is the Jumeirah Group, a Dubai-based international hospitality business is one of the top players in the field. The combination of comfort, luxury and technological advancement has made this hotel very popular with Dubai guests and locals. It is worth noting that technological advancements have created an enormous benefit to competitiveness in the hospitality sector and businesses benefit from the introduction of information systems (IS) as well as e-commerce or even robots. This report offers an analysis of the technology used in the industry of tourism, in addition to their usage for Jumeirah Beach Hotel (Dubai) and some recommendations to further develop.

Literature Review

Information and communications technology (ICT) offer people numerous opportunities across all areas of their lives, including travel. Hotels have utilised advanced ISs to ensure efficient data management, and to make their guests’ stay more enjoyable (Ramos, Rodrigues & Rodrigues 2015). ICTs play a key role in the management of customer’s information, such as reservations, personal information as well as charges and other similar data (Hua 2016.).

Hua (2016) carried out an examination of the existing research on the application and advantages of technology in the field of tourism. He concluded that businesses’ performance was improved and their revenues increased thanks to the application of ICTs and e-commerce tools. Many analytic software tools allow hoteliers in the hospitality industry to analyze their customers’ preferences in regards to travel packages, popular destinations and routes and services that are popular and also create new offerings to increase the value.

Major Advances in the Hospitality Industry and Innovations at Jumeirah Beach Hotel (Dubai)

Technological Advances in Hospitality Industry

Businesses operating in the area of tourism may use technology to promote their products and services. Hua (2016) insists that e-commerce is among those areas to will ensure that businesses have a competitive edge when used correctly. Social media can be seen as a plethora of data for marketers who analyze data and create various strategies for promoting products, brands, and services.

Neuhofer as well as Buhalis (2014) affirm that e-commerce can be a powerful tool for co-creation, as today’s customers are now active users as well as co-creators of products and services. Analyzing search queries and services, as well as posts on social media and the feedback from customers provides marketing professionals with invaluable insights into their customers’ preferences in terms of needs, wants, and preferences. Neuhofer as well as Buhalis (2014) emphasize that co-creation is the key to getting a competitive edge in the modern hospitality industry.

Technology advancements and globalization allow people to access information about products and services, and even purchase these items in a matter of minutes with no consideration of geographical location. The hospitality industry is benefited by the widespread impact of these trends greatly because numerous ISs enable businesses to offer information on available services and products for millions of prospective customers.

Ramos, Rodrigues, and Rodrigues (2015) claim that these tools, which they refer to such as Internet Distribution Systems, also called Electronic Distribution Systems, as in addition to Alternative Distribution Systems, makes the necessary information for booking accessible to everyone Internet users. Hotels are able to share information about different packages and special deals that can be instantly accessed through travel websites, reservation platforms, and even travelers.

The most exciting areas that is ripe for further development and integration is the augmented real-world that will enhance travelers’ experience substantially. Kobres (2018) asserts that augmented reality could help hotel managers direct guests to specific areas or make their stay more memorable or enjoyable. For example, Holiday Inn used an application that let guests to view sports stars as virtual avatars inside hotels during 2012 Olympics. Biometric authentication is another upcoming trend that is being successfully used in the hospitality sector (Kobres 2018, 2018). Customers won’t require identities cards, their devices, or any other devices to access services that will help to make their stay more enjoyable.

Software Applications Supporting Business Intelligence and Business Operations

Mobile technology can bring numerous opportunities for the tourism business. People use their smartphones to search and communicate with information. Therefore, mobile-based technology should be integrated into the existing information systems. Jung, (Sunny) Kim as well as Farrish (2014) observe that resorts and hotels provide free Wi-Fi to guests’ convenience. Moreover, numerous applications developed for different mobile devices exist. For example, guests at certain hotels can utilize their smartphones to gain access to their rooms, instead of using traditional cards. Hotel-specific mobile apps and booking help guests enjoy their holiday in a more relaxing way.

Mastorakis et al. (2014) insist the importance of electronic customer relation management (e-CRM) shouldn’t be limited to mobile or computer-based applications. Researchers have created an interactive application that can transform digital television into an effective eCRM tool (see the figure. 1). Television viewers could see simple questions appear on their screens, and were able to take part in surveys with the aid of their remotes (Mastorakis and colleagues. 2014). This software is essential in capturing information about customer preferences, requirements as well as their comments.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai has also employed modern technology to aid in its business operations as well as intelligence. The hotel under review can be distinguished by its successful Electronic Distribution System management and the use of highly sophisticated ISs that guarantee the proper circulation of information. When it comes to recent developments concern, the company has launched a mobile booking site which led to an rise in booked revenue by 280 percent ( Jumeirah Group unveils the new mobile booking website2016).

This platform makes booking process quick and easy for modern-day travelers who typically make use of mobile devices to book their travel plans and holidays. The company pays particular attention to the data of its customers’ security and privacy. One of the tools to improve security of information is encryption. Jumeirah Group utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) to meet the highest standards in data security. The company’s information is stored on servers and cloud-based systems.

Best Practices

The business under investigation frequently forms partnerships to develop and implement the latest IS technology. For instance, Jumeirah Group worked in collaboration with Google to develop the concept of a virtual platform that allows customers to book hotels, find details about products and services and to share their thoughts ( Jumeirah Group collaborates with Google 2015). The result of this collaboration was the creation of Jumeirah Inside Inside, which provides its customers with fresh opportunities and experiences in booking a hotel or exploring the area (see the figure. 2). Jumeirah employees collaborated in cross-functional teams with the staff of Google to build the platform.

The software’s implementation was executed by these teams too. The Jumeirah IT experts manage the system and provide training to new employees. Training is a crucial aspect in the development of ISs and other applications. Employees at the company can are able to access training programs in a range of fields however, information technology is the top priority.

IS Department’s Resources Planning and Management

The efficient IS management is among the elements that have contributed to Jumeirah Group’s status as a leader in the industry of hospitality. Jumeirah Group makes use of advanced technology to ensure its competitive edge and implements successful strategies to control the company’s IS resources. As an example, the top-down/bottom up strategy (combined with time-tracking tools) is employed that entails the exchange of information between different levels of the organization. The company manages of its own resource system which assists employees in managing project and resources. Regular updates aid in the execution of resources leveling which assists in identifying gaps or areas in which resources are being used improperly.

As previously mentioned the security of data is among the business’s most important priorities. Therefore, Jumeirah Group utilizes information systems that are securely encrypted and monitored. In addition to the use of the software that is used and hardware, the company invests in training for employees extensively. Specific guidelines are created for employees as well as the employees attend regular meetings and workshops on the most pressing issues relating to data management and security.

One method to protect information security is to provide various types of access for employees. The employees who have access to the company’s data systems are granted their passwords and logins. They are changed regularly to ensure that there is no breach. IT specialists have created various methods of corporate communication, such as instant messenger and electronic mail that ensure quick distribution of information and sharing data. Employees are not permitted to access social networks during working hours, when it is not element of their job. The employees are also educated on the proper use of data from unknown sources or addresses.

Another significant aspect related to the management of information systems is ethical and legal questions. In addition, training is seen as an essential element to the employees’ impressive performance. The company’s ethical guidelines which include standards for the ethics of users of data. Legal and social issues are addressed in various guidelines that are provided to employees. Employees talk about various real-life issues and their experiences at weekly meetings in which new rules are usually developed and integrated into the corporate culture.


The investigation of IS management at Jumeirah Beach Hotel shows that the hotel employs various of the most effective strategies for managing information. Utilizing mobile technology could be considered an area of opportunity that could enhance the attraction of guests to the hotel. Jung, (Sunny) Kim along with Farrish (2014) stress the advantages of using mobile technology in the hospitality business. Booking is just one of many options that must be considered in order to remain relevant.

Smartphones are commonly used to shop for items, browse data, connect or even to start their vehicles. They’ve become a element of the lives of travellers in helping tourists explore new places and manage their vacations. Another significant achievement is the capacity of the company to work together in the field that of IT systems. Businesses are usually in a state of reticence and not able to create close partnerships that demand using their existing ISs. In the past, Jumeirah Group collaborated with Google and Google, which resulted in the creation of an innovative technology.

One of the greatest advantages of the firm’s emphasis on data security is its training. The company is equipped with software and systems to protect data and guarantee its effective management. The efficiency that of IT is connected to training for human resources. The employees receive extensive training which will result in a solid data management. In addition, teams from different functional areas develop and oversee the implementation of new systems and software. Training is also provided in teams that are cross-functional, which aids in identifying the gaps that could be present and eliminate them quickly.


The study provides insight into certain successes and issues with the IS management at Jumeirah Beach hotel. These lessons can be the basis for further research and the development of new strategies and ways of managing information. It is important to highlight that the company’s strategic management relating to data systems is efficient as it covers all the essential aspects.

The company is dedicated to innovation and revealing the best efficiency, and adhering to accepted ethical standards. These are the key elements of a an efficient operation in the field of tourism. The study also highlights the advantages of proper IS management that includes IT and IS resource planning and management. Jumeirah Group has sophisticated software as well as hardware and systems that guarantee the impressive performance of the entire company. This report demonstrates the efficacy of the strategies used so it is recommended to continue this method.

However, some gaps were also identified as some gaps, which is a further useful conclusion of the current study. It is important to look at these flaws and devise strategies to remedy these weaknesses. It is first important to make use of mobile technology, which can open new possibilities. For instance, mobile applications could be used to gather information. Digital television is a possible way of communicating between hotel staff and customer. Augmented reality must be a element of guests’ experience while visiting Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

One of the most important goals is to make using mobile devices enjoyable however, they should not be overwhelming. While more and more people are using their mobiles extensively or even in excess however, many prefer traditional ways to plan their holiday. Kobres (2018) says that hotels that are not plugged into technology will likely to be the norm since some would prefer to put down their phones for a period of time. These strategies and methods can be used in various approaches within the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and other properties belonging to the Jumeirah Group.


In conclusion, it’s possible to think about the lessons that can learn from this study. The first is that the execution of such research is vital for companies because of their potential influence on the performance of companies. Analyzing the current methods and strategies must be carried out often to discover its strengths and weak points. Furthermore, it is crucial to examine the literature available regarding this subject to find out about the latest developments in the field of hospitality as well as management of information systems. As an example, impressive results that was achieved by Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the absence of ethical or legal concerns associated with the facility could be viewed as an indication of the effectiveness of the approach used.

Another important lesson to learn is the manner in which innovation is introduced within such international organisations as for instance the Jumeirah Group. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the best facilities in the company, so it’s not surprising that the most effective methods are utilized at the resort. It is worth noting that innovation is among the main pillars of the business’s approach and philosophy, but the process of implementing technological advancements is not as quick like it ought to be.

The strategies employed by the company have proven to be successful and validated by other companies within the field. But in today’s business world, adjustments are likely to happen faster that will make businesses to adapt faster. This is why it’s essential to look at new methods in the development of new products and services and the business procedures.


Based on the information that have been discussed above, it is possible to develop an array of suggestions that will help improve the business processes in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

  1. The business should create and deploy mobile technology that will enhance guest experience. For instance, the usage of phones to open safes or rooms and also gain access to specific areas or services.
  2. The company could create a mobile app that makes use of digital televisions to gather information. Customers can be asked to take part in short surveys which will aid in improving the quality of the services provided. Certain awards and quests can be used to inspire clients to take part in surveys.
  3. Jumeirah Group can use augmented reality to help their guests’ experience more enjoyable. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is an suitable location to experiment with the latest technology since the theme of marine is associated with the wonders of nature and. Guests can dive into the underwater world and watch scenes of The Thousand and One Nights.
  4. The hotel could also benefit by the availability of tech-free zones where guests can unwind and relax without gadgets and be totally disconnected.
  5. It is crucial to keep in mind that balance is at the core of every business’s success Therefore, new technologies and services shouldn’t be used to replace existing services. Traditional products and services that people are still looking for (especially those who are older) are required to be offered.
  6. Jumeirah Group should constantly innovate and enhance the current systems particularly those that deal with security of data. IS the planning and management of resources must remain at the forefront of the business operations plan of the company since the effective managing technology can be essential element to success in today’s competitive world.

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