The Problem of Effective Communication and Communication Technology


Communication is a crucial component of the operation of an company. The transfer of information from one place to the next within a company is accomplished through various channels. In these processes, you will encounter various obstacles that can hinder the process of communicating. Unproductive communication can result in the loss of a business in that not all parties are informed about the next steps to take promptly. Thus, it is the responsibility of the manager to determine the barriers to efficient communication within the company and devise appropriate solutions to the challenges. An organization that has a weak communication system is prone to conflict between employees, lower morale, and lower productivity. This paper will discuss a situation where there was a problem with communication. It will then proceed provide a thorough investigation of the situation and, in the end, present practical solutions for the issue.

Description of the scenario

While I was at the university The Director for Accommodation and Catering could send notices to housekeepers in the form of the use of hardcopy documents. University messengers could distribute these notices to different offices of housekeepers. These notices contained specific information about regulations that students have to follow within the hostels, the procedures for admitting and removing the student out of the hostels, as well as the closing and opening times for students. Housekeepers were individuals who had less academic qualifications in comparison to the director. In addition, their requirements for employment didn’t include computer proficiency. Thus, they needed to adapt to the new technology in the university’s communication system.

In one instance the Director for Catering and Accommodation, under the instruction by the Registrar of Administration, decided to convene an urgent meeting for twelve noon. Because it was an unplanned session, director decided to opt for email as a speedy way to communicate with housekeepers. Director used technical terms that are commonly used in the field of law. The Director and the Registrar stood in the university meeting room for a long time while a handful of housekeepers were streamed into the room. It was surprising that the meeting did not manage to start since more than 90% of the housekeepers were not present for the crucial meeting.

Analyzing the situation

This is a case of a communication gap between University members, that is director, and housekeepers. This issue is due to the use of technology for communication. The latest technological tools caused it to be hard for the housekeepers to get the email containing the invitation to the gathering. Housekeepers were used to posters which university messengers could bring in any time. This communication issue could result from the usage of a different method of communication that the majority of housekeepers are not acquainted with in their everyday communications. Housekeepers were not proficient in computer use and this could be the main reason for confusion. In addition, the inability to deal with the latest technological devices such as computers and mobile phones have been the cause for ineffective communication in a variety of companies.

The Director for Accommodation and Catering did not take into account this problem when she/he decided to distribute the meeting invitations. Furthermore, the lack of personal contact at the time of the delivery of information that is always present when notices are delivered may have caused some housekeepers to believe that the message was. Furthermore using technical terms when delivering the information could have created the greatest challenge of understanding for housekeepers with limited abilities. The housekeepers were not educated to the best of their experience and expertise; hence we’re not experts in the field of law. This led to difficulties in understanding the message to employees who had access to emails. It was evident that the message was confusing to some employees because of the legal language. It shows a lack understanding of the information passed between the person sending the message and the recipient. Because of the ambiguity, various housekeepers could have a different understanding on the message from director. A majority of the housekeepers didn’t understand what the director’s expectations were.

The solution to the situation

The solution to this issue may be due to the inability of certain housekeepers to see the content of the email. The director must be aware that not all housekeepers are computer-savvy. Therefore, the director ought to have made use of all methods of communication available to can ensure that all housekeepers attended the meeting without notice. In today’s world of innovation the technology is driving every aspect and the communication industry is no exception. Therefore, universities need to offer in-house training on the latest technological developments to ensure that they are informed of these developments. The lack of communication caused waste of time and the use of other resources, which lowered productivity within the institution. Housekeepers need to be educated on the best way to use email to communicate. In today’s global and digital world, a company that provides effective training to its employees will see a tremendous increase in productivity and efficient utilization of resources. Once this is completed, the knowledge will be shared with all housekeepers.

Additionally, the director needs to know his/her clients as well as the housekeepers. This understanding is based on their education level and knowledge as well as the skills. This will allow directors to write in a clear and simple language to communicate with those customers. A clarification must be included with every information communicated to the housekeepers in order to ensure they understand the message and act appropriately. Furthermore, the director has be easy to write messages to convey to housekeepers as well as other members of the University, such as the Registrars and Vice-Chancellor. This will help to avoid situations of confusion between housekeepers. On the other hand it is possible to view the director’s choice of terms as an expression of arrogance and pride in the clients he/she serves. In order to communicate effectively the director must have an amiable relationship with the housekeepers. If this isn’t the case and the housekeepers are not treated with respect, they will eventually be negative towards the director, leading to a lack of trust and prejudice. This could directly impact activities at the University.

This issue of communication could be addressed through using physical messengers. Because messengers were used frequently in providing information to houseskeepers’ offices The director could have employed the two in an emergency. Messengers are used as a backup to communicated messages sent via email. It is very rare to encounter problems in an organization if two channels of communication are employed to convey the same message. Additionally, the university administration is required to make sure that all housekeepers are connected to the internet on computers in their workplaces.

Communication is most effective when it is when it is free of obstacles that may change the message. It is important for organizations to understand the characteristics of their customers as well as the context within which they operate. This will allow companies to recognize the communication barriers that could be a problem and explore solutions to address the issues. When it comes to communication there are four primary phases: the sender as well as a channel for transmission, a receiver, and feedback. Managers should take into consideration elements that influence information transmission across all three stages.

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