Uber-U Education Technology for Global Connections


The 21st century’s learning environment has been characterized by the increased usage of web-based platforms like Skype, Twitter, or even Google Hangouts among others that connect people from all over the world. While these learning environments are based on an Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) model, where tutors provide content to students who arethen being expected to complete the assignments on their own This study reveals the most advanced model specifically, Uber-U learners earn Google Android nanodegree among other different credentials through individual interactions with instructors from around the world when they are in problem-solving classes. Android components taught on the platform are not accessible in other learning institution. According to this report the company behind the platform believes this approach is vital. It has had a significant impact on business as well as the general public in many ways that will be explained later.

The Importance of Uber-U

In an interview aired during 2012 Sebastian Thrun, Uber-U’s chief executive officer, gave the full explanation of the reasons why the new pattern (Uber-U) was significant and particularly when considering the rapid changes occurring not only in the field of education but also in other areas. In the first place, based on the situation depicted in the video, which shows Mike as a student in an unknown place and an instructor based in Chicago It is evident that Uber-U is a global platform that aims students across the globe via the application that is installed on their smartphones or personal computers. It is an improved variant that follows the MOOC structure, as students like Mike are able to engage in one-on-one discussions with tutors that are certified. Students can ask questions about the specific courses or studies they are taking as well as precise and well-guided methods of handling these tasks in real time. Uber-U is a change from the old-fashioned methods which require learners to pay attention to the instructors while they give class materials prior to exams or assignments for tests are assigned to test their understanding. The CEO of the company reveals, Uber-U emphasizes the “doing” aspect rather than “listening” since the latter is not a reliable way to determine whether students have understood the information they are given.

Furthermore, Uber-U is founded on the realization that students from all over the world have their own academic requirements, for some of which they would like to have immediate solutions regardless of their location or time of their visit. In the MOOC approach, instructors could be unavailable or unwilling to assist, especially when a particular student is struggling with some or all of the assignments given. In the traditional model, a student has to work on his own until they receive a grade after the assignment is graded. Sebastian Thrun believes that instructors use tools to ensure that students finish their course in a manner that is competent to handle the assignments. Thus, Uber-U allows students to collaborate with tutors in every stage of problem solving. Thus, students who are successful in Uber-U classes are likely to perform better when compared to those who follow MOOC or other traditional learning methods. MOOC framework or any other traditional learning methods.

Influence on Business and Society

Modern learning institutions accept students who must pay a specific quantity of funds and amount of time to take their desired courses. They are not assured of comprehending the content and passing the exams or even getting the most benefit of the course after completing their time. Although these financial and time resources are generally at a high level in all schools and universities however, students who are interested in studying may have no choice other than to stop their studies. From a commercial perspective it is important to note that when the cost of services are excessive or if it takes customers longer time to avail them, the use of these services decreases, thereby increasing the cost of providing services to suppliers. Thus, despite it being a new opportunity for education launched in 2012, Uber-U is a highly promising program for learning that is centered around students and is expected to bring in new students. The company is generating massive returns, despite its low cost services, competitors are generating only a small amount of profit when they lose customers. The fact that it is competitive and not exclusive of Uber-U makes it an effective competitor in the education industry globally. In terms of its non-excludable nature it is essential to be aware that some of the current educational centers are only open to students whose age falls within a certain range or who are able to pay the necessary amount of charges. Apart from being affordable cost-effective, Uber-U accommodates learners of all ages and professions , with the exception of certain professions like violin and tennis in which individual participation is essential.

From a social standpoint, Uber-U acknowledges the fact that some people in the community are left out of opportunities due to their age or income doesn’t permit them to participate at traditional educational institutions despite their talents. It is widely believed to have a vast amount of gifted people who could have been employed by famous organizations like Google when they were exposed to this affordable and highly effective learning model. According to the CEO’s perspective, Google will soon be hosting a conference in which top performing engineering professionals from Uber-U will be able to talk with experienced employees within the company. Uber-U is helping a lot of individuals, and some have been hired due to the accreditation and practical experience gained. Uber-U’s continuing operation is expected to change the global community by ensuring that those who are not able to be accommodated through other programs receive a high-quality and appropriate education.


Students who take advantage of Uber-U will be able to comprehend how to tackle the assignments they have to complete since they are engaged in the process of tackling them with the guidance of their tutors in contrast to traditional methods where instructors aren’t keen to follow up to see if students are able to comprehend the course material. According to this report the platform is expected to impact businesses and society.

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