What happens when you eat oats every morning.

What happens when you eat oats may serve to negate the positive effects of oatmeal consumption Turning a nutritious,low calorie meal into a fattening and unhealthy one.

1) They can lower cholesterol levels and protect LDL cholesterol from damage

High blood cholesterol beta glucan fibre effective at reducing both total and LDL cholesterol levels beta glucan may increase the excretion of cholesterol rich bile.

oxidation of LDL (THE BAD) cholesterol which occurs when react with free radicals.it produces inflammation in arteries damage tissues.one study reports that antioxidant in oats work together with vitamin C to prevent LDL oxidation.

2) oats can improve blood sugar control.

Diabetes type 2 characterized by significantly elevated blood sugars it usually results from decreased sensitivity to the hormone insulin.they may also improve insulin sensitivity these efforts are mainly attributed to beta glucans ability to form a thick gel.

3) Helps you in losing weight:

its also very filling eating filling foods may help you eat fewer calories and lose weight.this satiety hormones has been shown to lead to reduced calorie intake.may decrease you risk of obesity and increase production of the satiety hormone PYY.

4) makes your skin better.


the FDA approved colloidal oatmeal as a skin protective substance back in 2003 oat based skin products may improve uncomfortable symptoms of eczema. not that skincare benefits protein only to oats applied to the skin not those that are eaten.

5) Decrease the risk of childhood astha.

studies suggest that this doesn’t apply to all foods.early introduction of oats for example may actually be protective.one study reports that feeding oats to infants before the age of 6 month is linked to a decreased risk of childhood asthama.

6) constipation relief.

laxative are often used to relieve constipation in the elderly.however while theyre effective theyre also associated with weight loss and reduced quality of life.

studies indicate that oat bran , the fiber rich outer layer of the grain may help relieve constipation in older people.59% of those patients were able to stop using laxatives after the 3 month study.while overall laxative use increased by 8% in the control group.how to incorporate oats into your diet.

1/2 cup of rolled oats

1 cup (250 ml) of water or milk

a pinch salt

reduce heat to a simmer and cook the oats string occasionally until soft.

to make oatmeal tastier and even more nutritious you can add cinnamon fruits nuts seeds and or greek yogurt.also oats are more often included in baked goods muesli granola and bread.although oats are naturally gluten free they are sometimes contaminated with gluten.

can you loss weight eating only oats ?

the low fat low calorie food has been proven among other health benefits to be good weight loss oats are naturally dense complex carbs that contain high protein and fiber content.the satiated sensation stays longer than with other foods.

eating oatmeal helps you lose weight by helping you lower your caloric intake.do you perfer to add milk or water to your oatmeal.?

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