Why the problem of constipation increases in cold, know the treatment

Why the problem of constipation.

Constipation becomes severe due to poor digestion during cold. Ayurveda doctor has given information about 5 home remedies to remove constipation from the root, which will open the intestines of the stomach.

Diseases like cold-cough, fever increase in cold. But very few people know that constipation also becomes serious in cold. Constipation is such a problem, if left untreated, serious diseases like piles and fissure can also occur. Let us know why constipation increases in cold and what should be eaten to remove it.

Biggest symptom of being constipated? When the stomach is not clean or you have to face a lot of trouble, then understand that constipation has happened. Inside constipation, pressure has to be applied to clean the stomach and the stool becomes hard.

Due to constipation, it becomes difficult to go out anywhere. The problem of constipation often increases in winter. The main reason behind the increase in the problem of constipation in winter is the slowing down of metabolism. Due to slowing down of metabolism, the activities of the stomach also slow down. If this condition persists for a long time, then it becomes a chronic condition. i.e. always
There is a complaint of constipation. So are some people really constipated due to the stagnation of metabolism in winter?

symptoms of constipation
that there is less thirst in winter. For this reason people drink less water. This can also be a reason for constipation. On the other hand, people like to eat high fat things in winter due to which it takes a lot of time to digest. These foods disturb the balance of the intestine. For this reason, there should be no reduction in drinking water in winter. Constipation has different symptoms in different individuals. Some people may have acne, some may gain weight.

  1. Foods that cause dehydration
    Less water is consumed in the winter season. It happens many times that you do not realize that you have not drunk water throughout the day. Lack of water in the body is the biggest reason behind constipation. That’s why even if you don’t feel thirsty in the winter season, but definitely drink water every half an hour. Also reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol, because they also dehydrate the body.
  2. Dairy Products
    There are many people who cannot digest dairy products, that is, they are lactose intolerant. Their bodies are unable to produce lactase, an enzyme that helps digest milk and milk products. Symptoms of lactose intolerance are usually diarrhea and gas, but many people also experience constipation.
  3. Fast Food
  4. Fast foods like pizza, ice cream, burgers, chips and biscuits are high in fat along with salt or sugar. At the same time, fiber is very less in them. Fiber is very important for digestion and due to its deficiency, many problems related to the stomach can start.
  5. Processed Grains
    Food items that have a good amount of fiber keep digestion healthy. On the other hand, grains that are processed, such as white bread and rice, contain less fiber, which causes constipation in people.

Constipation best 5 homoeopathic medicine

  1. nux vomica
  2. alumina
  3. carbo veg
  4. sepia
  5. pulsetilla

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